Marble Countertops VS. Faux Marble Laminates

Marble Countertops VS. Faux Marble Laminates

Thinking of doing a kitchen remodel? Many people spend thousands of dollars each year on remodeling their kitchens. Getting new appliances is a top seller. Adding a tile or laminate floor is also another. Even replacing the old kitchen cabinets is a great option. However, for all the money that is put into remodeling a kitchen, many people don’t bother replacing their countertops with marble. While marble is the latest trend in kitchens, it is costly. So what is an alternative to marble? Faux marble laminates. I’ll weigh the two options against each other so you can decide which one is right for you.

The main difference between a faux marble laminate and the real thing is the price. Real marble is expensive. This is usually the deciding factor in buying real or faux marble. The budget. Shopping around online, at local home improvement centers and local suppliers can give you an advantage on knowing what price is right for your budget. Some marble supply companies may seem to have real marble at a cheaper price, but remember to factor in installation costs. Not all marble suppliers offer installation.

So what if you cant afford real marble countertops? Faux marble laminates come in a huge variety of styles and prices for you to choose from. You can typically get faux marble countertops for half the price of real marble countertops. Another great feature of faux marble countertops is that they are easier to install and therefore are cheaper to install. If you’re really up to saving some money and you have some carpentry skills, you can do it yourself cheaply.

So what are the differences of faux marble and real marble besides the cost? The look. Faux marble countertops look like real marble, at a distance. You’re not going to fool most people into thinking you have real marble countertops when they get up close. You will see the laminates lines along the edges of the countertops and along the back splash. If you set a dish on a faux marble countertop, you will hear the sound of wood underlayment.

Real marble has a look and feel like no other countertops. It is cool to the touch, has a certain texture that can’t be matched by laminates, and has a unique sparkle that can’t be reproduced. The sound that reverberates from a pot or cup being set down on a real marble countertop is unique only to stone.

So what are the advantages of each type of countertop? With real marble countertops come the luxury and style of expensive taste. The resale value of your home goes up. Nevertheless, is it better than faux laminate countertops? Not necessarily. Real marble countertops can break easily and are expensive to repair or replace. Faux marble countertops can be easily scratched from knifes or other sharp kitchen utensils.

Overall, the choice for either type of countertop is up to you. The budget, style, and care for each type of countertops are unique to your situation. Weigh each countertop against these factors and you will find which type, faux marble or the real deal are right for you.

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