Brick Patio Design Pattern Ideas

Brick flooring is ideal for patio design. It is classic and durable, and there are a number of design patterns to choose from. The pattern that you choose will give you great ideas to complete the look of your patio.

Looking at all of the different patio brick design patterns may seem overwhelming at first. However, if you become familiar with the basic designs available you will be able to narrow down you decision quickly. The main brick patterns are the running bond, circular, basket weave, herringbone, and stack board.

The running bond pattern offers a simple and classic look. Creating irregular rows of bricks that are arranged similarly makes this brick design. Each row will maintain this positioning. It is a common brick patio design everywhere. There are running bond variations. You may choose to begin in the center and lay two bricks next to each other and then two more to make a square before you move outward. This is great for square patios.

The circular brick pattern is more difficult to install than the running bond. You begin with a fixed point and lay the bricks in a circular pattern outwards. While it takes extra work to complete, the circular design is a brick pattern id a great idea for anyone who wants to create a more sophisticated patio.

The basket weave is easier to install than the circular brick pattern, but it is more elaborate than some others. Laying out squares with two bricks that point in uneven directions creates this pattern. Each square will have two bricks that run horizontally.

The herringbone pattern is classic and seen on many older roads and streets. You must lay the bricks in diagonal rows. The look is a zig-zag with rows that move in irregular directions.

The easiest brick design to lay in your own patio is the stack board. This is done by beginning at the edge and laying the bricks next to each other precise pattern. The trick is to keep them even throughout the patio. When it is complete, the bricks will be in straight rows.

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