Rain Gutter Maintenace for Your Home

While you can hire a company to clean the rain gutters on your home, the job really isn’t very complicated or difficult. If you are able to get onto your roof without risking your life, it is recommended to clean your rain gutters at least twice a year, and more often if there are a lot of trees in your yard that are taller than the house. The reason for doing this is not only to keep the gutters clear so that they flow well, but wet leaves are very heavy and can cause the gutters to come free of the house.

Sometimes sharp things can end up in your rain gutters, so wear heavy yard gloves when cleaning them. The last thing you want is to become injured by something that has been in the gutter, rusting away for months. Also, since you will be on the roof, wear shoes with good soles that provide adequate grip.

First, remove any loose debris from the gutter. Although you will be wearing heavy gloves, you still don’t necessarily want to do this step with your hands. Use a small tool such as a garden trowel or pooper scooper. Once the big stuff is removed, it is a good idea to scrub the inside of the gutters with a stiff brush to help the water flow best. To ensure they are clear, you can use a power washer to force a stream of water through them.

Finally, check to see that the rain gutters are attached securely to the house at all points. After all, a well-flowing gutter won’t matter in the least if it falls off of the house. If a gutter falls, it can cause a lot of damage both to the gutter and the house. Replacing the gutters is costly, and performing routine maintenance on them will prevent an unnecessary bill.

In our busy lives, the rain gutters on our houses may not be a top priority, but finding the time to take care of them is essential to their survival. Give it a shot. You will probably be surprised at the water flow improvement. You may also be surprised at what you find in the gutters before you clean them. I would be willing to bet that it causes you to clean them a bit more often than you do now.

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